A Statement from Michelle Craske

June 14, 2022

A Statement from Michelle Craske regarding the Recent Apology Statement from ABCT

The way this entire situation unfolded is deeply regrettable and I apologize for my role in it. I believe that conversion therapy is morally wrong and that an apology to the millions harmed by it is vitally important and long overdue. At first, I was overly focused on seeing additional recognition go to Jerry Davison, a colleague whose efforts to change hearts and minds on the issue of conversion therapy I admire, alongside the bravery and impactful work by Charles Silverstein. I now realize that this was wrong.  I now fully appreciate that the apology and the attempt to recognize Dr. Davison were hurtful to the sexual and gender minority community in that they did not center the experience of the many people who were egregiously harmed. My focus should always have been on the many people who have been and continue to be harmed by conversion therapy. I am committed to engaging in further dialogue on this issue and continuing to learn from the perspectives of those who have been harmed and who identify as sexual and gender minorities, including loved ones in my family. Furthermore, I commit to centering the experiences of the harmed and marginalized in my future research and clinical endeavors.


Michelle Craske