The ADRC offers specialized assessments for anxiety disorders in adults and children. Assessments include in-depth structured diagnostic interviews, questionnaires, and behavioral and psychophysiological recordings when appropriate. These assessment procedures help us determine the type of anxiety disorder, whether individuals are eligible for one of our research programs. For more information on research projects, please call (310) 825-5614.


Treatments are short-term cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or behavioral therapies with demonstrated efficacy for anxiety disorders. Cognitive behavioral treatment teaches self-management skills that include psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring of anxiety producing thoughts, corrective breathing exercises, and repeated systematic exposure to feared sensations and situations. Treatments are short-term (12-16 weeks) interventions. Recently, the ADRC has been investigating mindfulness based treatment approaches as well. The ADRC does not conduct medication trials. The UCLA Anxiety and Depression Research Center is currently conducting several treatment outcome studies. Each study has its own entrance criteria, assessment methodology, and set of treatment interventions.