UCLA Contamination Study

This study has concluded and is no longer open for recruitment.

The UCLA Contamination Study is designed to examine the effects of two computer tasks on fear reduction in individuals with contamination fears. The methods used in this study have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing fear.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals who exhibit fear of contamination are eligible for the study if they are between the ages of 18-65, are right-handed, English speaking, and are not currently suffering from major medical conditions.

Screening Procedures

Interested participants should email their contact information (i.e., name, phone number, best times to call) to uclacontaminationstudy@gmail.comParticipants are then phoned by study personnel and asked a few simple screening questions. If eligible, participants are scheduled for Session 1, and in-person visit (approximately 3 hours) at the UCLA Psychology Department.

Study Procedures

The study is conducted over 2 sessions (at the UCLA Psychology Department). Session 1 lasts approximately 3 hours. At the completion of Session 1, you will be scheduled for Session 2 about one to two weeks later, which will last approximately 1 hour.

Payment and Fees

There are no fees for any part of the study, however participants may need to pay for parking. Participants will be paid $10 for each session attended, for a total of $20 for study completion.

Study Personnel Contact

For further information about this project, contact Amanda Loerinc, B.A. at uclacontaminationstudy@gmail.com.

Principal Investigator: Michelle G. Craske, Ph.D.