UCLA Virtual Reality Training Study

The UCLA Virtual Reality Training Study is designed to examine the effect of two different virtual reality (VR) training programs on clinical symptoms. Both programs involve immersion in VR scenes and guided memory recounting. One of the programs, VR-Reward Training, focuses on enhancing savoring of positive experiences through guided imaginal recounting. The other program, VR-Memory Training, aims to improve memory accuracy and ability to neutrally recount everyday events. Both programs aim to reduce depressed mood.

Sessions and assessments will take place in-person at the Anxiety and Depression Research Center at UCLA. We are located in Pritzker Hall.

If you are eligible and decide to participate in this study:

  • You will be randomized into one of two programs: Virtual Reality-Reward Training (VR-RT) or Virtual Reality-Memory Training (VR-MT).
  • You will complete one in-person VR session a week for 7 weeks in addition to assessments at baseline (Session 1), mid-treatment (Session 3), post-treatment (Session 7) and follow-up (five weeks after post-treatment).
  • If you complete all assessments, you will receive $75 total for your participation ($10 for baseline, $20 for mid-treatment, $20 for post-treatment, and $25 for follow-up) plus a possible $11 bonus.
  • Your involvement in the study will last roughly 12 weeks.

Eligibility Criteria 

You may be eligible for the study if:

  1. Your depression, anxiety, or stress causes difficulties in one or more areas of your life
  2. You are between the ages of 18 to 65
  3. You are English speaking
  4. You are not currently suffering from major medical conditions, and are either un-medicated or stabilized on medications.

How do I find out if I am eligible?

Complete our online screener to find out if you are eligible for this study at tinyurl.com/VRUCLA.

Treatment Procedures 

Treatment is conducted one-on-one over 7 VR sessions. Assessments are conducted prior to beginning treatment, mid-treatment, at completion of treatment and 5 weeks later. These assessments include a battery of self-report questionnaires and behavioral tasks.

Study Personnel Contact 

For further information about this project, contact us at vrtrainingucla@gmail.com or (951) 444-1633.

Protocol ID: IRB#22-000269 UCLA IRB Approved Approval Date: 3/17/2022 Committee: Medical IRB 3